What I Think About MY self and say about my blog Experience (I'm not a professional blogger or You-Tuber)


       Hi, I'm Rafi one thing I should say first  I'm not a professional blogger or You Tuber I have a small Blog and a small YouTube channel. ok! first went  I was thinking about YouTube how to upload video to YouTube that time I have no camera for recording video. 
I quite from that and changed my mind and me was 17 that time I buy mobile phone called Nokia 6600 a big phone and awesome Awolowo display and a joystick best gaming experience, 

I created my first video on my Nokia 6600 and I have no internet connection for speed  enough for a video uploading into YouTube (in 2009) then I find an internet cafe  then I upload my first video my video anybody watch till 2010 that time I think no one watching my video that means no one see my video on youtube then I slowly forget about YouTube.

In 2011 my day give me a netbook "dell inspiron mini 1018" I created new E-mail ID and YouTube account first day I uploaded 5 or 6 Video and I search google for "How to make money on youtube" I read so many articles, blog posts the last hear about 

Google AdSense  I create an account and add my channel into AdSense every day I check my Adsense account no earnings one I start to click my won ads that day I earn about 1 $ I start clicking my won ads that time I don know about "invalid click activity" my Adsense got a ban.

I don't know what to do

then again I quite youtube  

I start a blog and a youtube channel this time (2016) I read lot of books and blog post about youtube and google now my youtube channel have 564 subscribers and 94K views  


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