3Ds Max/Vray Tutorial | Realistic Interior Rendering Settings for 2017 | Free Download |CWM Ep-1


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Learn how to get Realistic Interior Rendering Settings 3Ds Max/Vray Tutorial This video only focus on vray render settings only you can Download Rendering Present in link below

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This Video Note:
Vray Tutorial Realistic Interior Rendering -
Hi, This Video About 3ds Max / Vray Rendering settings or how to make best rendering settings in Vray 3ds max.
1, First you open 3ds max applications I the 3ds max icon on your desktop or start menu double click that.
2, Then go rendering tab (in the top of the main menu bar) or press F10
3, Press Rendering settings
4, output setting you can use any custom setting normally I use 3200X1980 That's work for me I print all of my final works before giving to clients I think that's the best idea for presenting a completed project
5, then go the assign renderer that standing in last option in rendering settings the first page clicks the assign renderer and click Vray Adv 3.00.07 (it's your vray versions such as 3.00.03,2.000.01 something like that) then click ok.
6, Go to the second option in the rendering setting tab called Vray

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